Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Flaky 2- Crust Pie Shell

It is the season to make pie!
Here we are heading into the true baking season. 
We will all be lusting after that piece of pie that proclaims the season of thankfulness.
Many convenient options are at hand when purchasing ready made pie crust 
but there is something honest and true about making your own pie crust.
It is also extremely inexpensive in comparison to purchasing crust.
 For about $.10 you can make a 2-crust pie shell.
Don't be intimidated.
A good FLAKY pie crust is quite easy!

There are a few cooking utensils that will help your pie crust come along better.
In all truth my mother nor grandmother owned a bread board but it is something that
I find necessary. You will surely need a rolling pin. I have a small collection that I
own just because I have a hang-up for rolling pins but the one I have always used is
the one I purchased  in my teens for a couple of bucks.

As you get started determine what size pie crust you need and if your crust is cooked before 
you filling goes in.

9 inch pie shell
2 Cups All-purpose flour(sifted)
1 teaspoon salt
2/3 to 3/4 Shortening (if using animal shortening~Lard~use lesser)
                                 (if using vegetable shortening~Crisco~use larger)
1/3 Cup ice water

8 inch pie
1 1/2 cup All-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 Cup shortening
1/4 Cup ice water

1. Combine salt & flour
2. Cut-in shortening. You can do this a couple of ways. Some folks use a kitchen utensil to do this but I prefer to use my hands. I believe you will come out with a better result, by hand. Basically, this is a method to combine your flour and your shortening but you don't  really want it mixed or stirred. After adding your shortening you will work it and the flour through you hand until all of your mixture as a close consistency of cornmeal.
3. Add your water. This is where it can be a tad touchy. The suggestion that was given to me was to add your water by the tablespoon but that is extremely tedious, so I pour my water in very slowly while I'm stirring with a fork. It is very possible you will not use all the water humidity will play into this very much.

Your dough is right when it follows your fork around the bowl and will stick together alot like play-do.
Divide in half.
4. Flour your board and your rolling pin.

5. Roll-out dough. Roll in a X. cross-wize...Don't press just roll.
When you have reached about a 5 inch circle flip over and roll. until you get to the size you need.
You can measure using the pie plate. when you have about 2 inches more than your plate you're in good shape.
6. Fold dough in half.
Then half again.
Place in pie plate.

7.  Flute edges. You do whatever you like at this point. I like a fluted edge.
My mama would always press indents with a fork.

8. If your pie crust needs to be already baked you will need to prick it to release air bubbles. This should keep it from rising underneath you crust and making a bubble.  Honestly, I have forgot to do this and it came out fine but best practice is to prick your crust.
Make pricks all the way around the edge and the bottom.

You've made yourself a pie crust.
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