Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Boo Berry Cereal~Alternative

Are you on cereal burn-out?
How about trying an alternative to the usual bowl of cereal and splash of milk!
You might even gather a little more nutrition 
exchange it for excitement!

I have always tried to offer a little variety to my children's breakfast but even changing up between a boxed-cereal, oatmeal,  poptarts or pastry, and the an egg here and there, their weekday breakfast can quickly go boring and stale. 
As I was hoping to retrain myself on some healthier habit(I'm usually a breakfast skipper) I picked up a tub of yogurt and a box of granola and placed it in the grocery cart when I asked what they would be wanting for their morning breakfast for the week they eyed my yogurt and granola in jealousy. I then asked them if they would really eat it; they nodded wholeheartedly.
They have! They love it! 
I think they think there getting dessert for breakfast.

Let me give you my super simple recipe....

Boo Berry Cereal~Alternative

Prep Time: 2 minutes (maybe if that much)

French Vanilla Yogurt 
Granola cereal 
Blueberry topping

1. We've started ours with placing 3 heaping tablespoons of yogurt in the bowl.
2. Top with granola and a tablespoon of blueberry topping.

3. Fold over gently.

There's nothing left but the eatin'!
I'm no nutritionist but this meal can boast no preservatives.
Have checked out the ingredients to you children's favorite cereals?

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